“Enchange proved outstanding at identifying key issues and putting together a process that allowed us to work in a structured way towards finding a solution. A great deal of expertise and knowledge was contributed by the consultants but most importantly Enchange personnel created a situation where staff who had been associated with a problem recognised […]

Practical solutions that do not distrupt the business

“… the main benefit for us was the development of a plan of how to deal with the issues that was not disruptive to the business and at the same time  involving the key people doing their job.” … “… I have worked with a number for consulting firms and I would say that Enchange […]

Capability Development

“Many thanks for your help during my assignment …. it proved very successful in moving the organisation a long way on their supply chain journey….”

Millions of €’s

“  … [Enchange] contributed millions of Euros to the exit value of the investment”.

Part of the Team

“Enchange advisors have become accepted almost as part of our own staff and are widely respected in our organisation. It is rare to find consultants of this calibre who can travel at short notice, demonstrate an awareness of local business conventions and integrate effectively with management and operatives while introducing new methodologies that gain immediate […]

Value for Money

“… very impressed by them [Enchange Project Managers] …. … you guys [Enchange] are really helping the business here. [Enchange Project Manager] is an expert … could not have made a better choice…. Great value for money. ”

Valuable Contribution to PE Investment Exit

“…. the distribution options presented have provided a clear view of the future that include very attractive savings potential. … [Enchange] has made an immensely valuable contribution to the sale of the breweries  …..”.

Results Delivered On Time & On Budget

“Enchange guided us to define and improve working capital related KPI’s and establish the reality of the business. The implementation of S&OP has been a valuable project which was delivered on time, in full and to budget providing a solid base for continued recovery and performance improvement .”