Sales & Operational Planning

Sales & Operational Planning

The Enchange Approach to S&OP

Enchange will work with your team to implement the right Sales & Operational Planning (S&OP) process for your organisation.

We will ask for a team of operational managers from key disciplines (e.g. Marketing, Sales, Planning, Distribution, Logistics, Finance, IT) to work with a small Enchange team (generally 1 or 2 consultants). Working with our extensive toolkit this combined team will design and implement an S&OP process that exactly fits the needs of your organisation.

During the initial phase of the implementation (usually lasting 13 weeks) the Enchange team will:

  • Design the S&OP process, procedures and documentation.
  • Establish an S&OP calendar and meeting.
  • Design and implement a set of S&OP tools, sometimes including basic information tools linked to transaction systems.
  • Establish an S&OP information management process and shared data store.
  • Train the S&OP team.

Why Does the Enchange Approach Work?

  • We draw on a wealth of S&OP implementation experience from small and medium size enterprises to global corporations.
  • We collaborate closely with our clients transferring our skills to you.
  • Our hands-on approach puts a consultant on clients’ sites to guide you through the process.
  • We thoroughly train each member of the client team, defining their role and what is expected from them.
  • We provide our clients with an S&OP toolkit that contains the templates, documents, tools and S&OP plans that are needed.
  • We clearly define the inputs and outputs of each step of the process.
  • Our proven methodology ensures a streamlined process and disciplined approach to planning within your organisation.
  • One size DOES NOT fit all. Our bespoke approach tailors the S&OP process to your business.
  • We enable your management team to be empowered and make decisions & build clear arguments for their recommendations.


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