Supply Chain Expert – Project Manager (Director Level)

Supply Chain Expert – Project Manager (Director Level)

Summary of Expertise

Candidate is a supply chain expert with over 30 years’ experience in the FMCG sector.  Candidate joined Enchange from Unilever in 2008 as the in-house expert focusing on Developing & Emerging countries and operates from Bucharest, Romania. Candidate is an influential Senior Supply Chain Director, Project Manager with international experience and a sustained record of success in the B2B and B2C FMCG marketplace. Extensive background in a leading global organisation, managing complex end-to-end supply chains and new product development programmes to achieve strategic objectives within challenging conditions.

A pragmatic leader and highly respected team player who creates robust strategies to translate vision into reality. Strong analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills with a passion for making a difference quickly, together with excellent communication skills.

  • Strategic Planning & Leadership: Focuses on developing strategies that invest in future sustainable business success. Presents sound business cases supported with strong evidence. Communicates clearly to teams, displaying purpose in achieving overall business objectives
  • Expertise: Supply chain planning, sourcing, production, logistics, route to market, analytics, with a structured approach to determining the best methods for gaining competitive advantage, stronger and sustained performance
  • Geographic Experience: Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East
  • Operational Management & Control: Organises business resources and processes so that all are working towards common goals. Uses management information to highlight priority areas and ensure planned expenditure delivers anticipated benefits
  • People Management: Firm believer in participative style of engagement to encourage ideas and good decision making at all levels. Helps identify development needs and addresses through planned training supported with mentoring and coaching
  • Financial Planning: Full P&L responsibility, delivering forecasting and budgetary control skills into the drive for profit improvement
  • Communication: Consistent, clear, inclusive and fact-based communication style. Influences internal and external stakeholders by considering other viewpoints and drivers when deciding most appropriate communication method and content

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