Business Process & IT/ERP Systems Development Expert – Project Manager Level

Business Process & IT/ERP Systems Development Expert – Project Manager Level

Summary of Expertise

Our Consultant is a  highly experienced and accomplished multi-lingual project manager and consultant with more than 25 years experience that includes a wide variety of operational roles such as COO and CIO.  He is a business process and IT / ERP systems subject matter expert.

With extensive international experience across many sectors, he has led numerous process design, IT and ERP projects that have delivered successful and sustainable change for clients including SMEs and multinationals in a wide range of sectors.

His expertise as a business process consultant is:

  • Business process aspects – process analysis, design, implementation, strategy integration, governance
  • Business processes – demand planning, supply planning, finance planning, demand execution, supply execution, integrated business planning
  • IT / ERP – systems specification, process alignment, set-up, software development, implementation, automation, data management, migration, EDI, web development
  • Approach – very much hands on to ensure that new processes are effective and become embedded; Cristian has worked with managers, operators, warehouse staff, drivers and customers to make new processes and procedures work.
  • Clients – SMEs and multinationals

By way of example, he led a business process design project for a retail multinational.  The scope included IT systems implementation with a pilot in Romania.

He also has extensive emerging market experience such as  Morocco where he worked as  EBRD specialist consultant.  He is a highly accomplished project manager, has intermediate business understanding of French and holds a BSc in Computer Science.

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