Supply Chain Health Check

Improving your supply chain is as easy as A-B-C with our Supply Chain Health Check offer.

supply chain health check with supplyvue

How does the Supply Chain Health Check work?

A) Let us know your main supply chain issues e.g.

  • How can I improve forecasting accuracy?
  • Are my supply plans synchronised with demand?
  • Do we have the right stock in the right location?

B) Ask for a Supply Chain Health Check.

What is involved

  • Pick one of your marketsSupplyVue brochure download
  • Decide where you would like to focus
  • We then use your data and our groundbreaking tool SupplyVue to analyse your supply chain
  • We present the results back to you

We will show you:

  • The effectiveness of your supply chain processes
  • How they can be improved
  • Where value is waiting to be unlocked

C) Implement

After the health check is completed, you chose to implement recommendations. For our clients, health check have been the first step in delivering:

  • 20-40% inventory reduction
  • 3-5% manufacturing cost reduction
  • 1-3% materials cost reduction
  • 3-5% logistics cost reduction
  • 20% waste reduction
  • Up to 20% customer service improvement
  • Up to 15% sales uplift

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