The Pathway

The Pathway


Reveal – Gain visibility of performance across your supply chain with powerful dashboards.

Visualise your supply chain’s performance with a balanced set of KPIs covering all aspects. You will have access to a range of KPIs including:SupplyVue Brochure

  • Quality of underlying demand.
  • Supply planning processes.
  • Corresponding supply against plan.
  • Resulting inventory levels.

Diagnose – Identify root causes of poor performance.

With the analytics suite examine the processes or segments of your supply chain and business not performing to target.

Demand Analytics

Diagnose the quality of your demand forecast and the forecasting process itself. For example:

  • Opportunities to smooth demand spikes.
  • Poor value add by forecast teams within the forecasting process.
  • Forecasts which are unstable and not improving.

Supply Analytics

Diagnose the performance of your planning process and track conformance to plans and schedules. For example:

  • Demand volatility propagation – bullwhip.
  • Non-conformance to plan and schedule.
  • Non-compliance to lead-times and cycle times.

Inventory Analytics

Diagnose inventory levels and track service performance. For example:

  • Excess inventory over policy.
  • Root cause of stock-outs.
  • Drivers of inventory levels.

Model – Evaluate the impact of corrective action. 

Set out and analyse plans for correcting performance. Model scenarios to evaluate the impact of:

  • Improving aspects of the demand forecast signal.
  • Making changes to the replenishment model and planning process.
  • Segmenting product flows, applying different supply chain policies to each segment.
  • Improving plan conformance.
  • Changing executional process cycle times and reducing process variability.

Track – Set targets and monitor adherence.

Export the modelled supply chain policy parameters in order to implement the recommended change in the operational environment.

Track the delivery of change within the business to ensure the intended benefit is achieved.

SupplyVue’s simple interface and intuitive visualisations empower you to move towards supply chain excellence straight away.


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