SupplyVue Brochure

SupplyVue Brochure


SupplyVue – Visualise, Understand and Drive Value from your Supply Chain

SupplyVue is a diagnostic and information tool that is fed data from your transactional systems, to provide visibility of the entire supply chain, highlighting inefficiencies and modelling improvements.  SupplyVue is designed to turn your data into actionable intelligence.

With the growing complexity and length of supply chains, managers need both visibility of overall supply chain performance and the ability to analyse underlying operational activities. However, capturing and interpreting the required data can be a significant challenge. SupplyVue deals with the data consolidation challenges to provide best practice supply chain analysis and reporting.



SupplyVue won the Technology Prize at the Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2014 by achieving inventory reductions of between 40-60%, customer service improvements and cost reductions.

 SupplyVue is web based, quick to implement, and provides:

  • Executive KPI dashboards to monitor and improve supply chain performance
  • Process analysis capability to diagnose key inefficiencies across the supply chain
  • Inventory level assessment capability to better manage inventory
  • A unique modelling capability to assess the value of any business changes
  • Detailed tracking to ensure benefits are delivered

SupplyVue benefits, delivered across several multinationals, have been:

  • 20% improvement in stability of Demand Signal after 6 months
  • 5% to 10% improvement in Forecast Accuracy
  • Up to 20% Improvements in Customer Service Levels
  • Reduction in frozen periods from 4 to 2 weeks
  • Conformance to plan increase from 60% to 90%
  • 20% reduction in Waste & 3-5% Reductions in Logistics Costs

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