Visualise, Understand and Drive Value from your Supply Chain

The Problem

In the last 10 years, despite investments in sophisticated systems, there are still significant opportunities to improve supply chain performance. Why is this?Download the SupplyVue Brochure

  • Often complex IT projects automate traditional ways of working. Result – little improvement or things are made worse with increased noise and nervousness in the planning processes.
  • The forecast is often blamed. In reality the issue lies within the supply chain processes, the set-up of the IT systems or how the tools are being used.
  • Managing this complexity becomes the real challenge, and to protect themselves, supply chain managers are buffering supply chains with inventory and lead-times.

The Solution – SupplyVue

SupplyVue demo requestEnchange has teamed up with Concentra to solve the problem.

SupplyVue is a revolutionary supply chain analytics solution.

  • It uses your data to analyse and diagnose your supply chain.
  • It provides you with a suite of tools and dashboards to model different inventory and service level scenarios.
  • It gives the visibility, data and business case to drive changes in your supply chain.

So if you been promised all the answers when the latest ERP project is completed, you now have a quick solution. In 2-3 months, your supply chain could start its transformation.

SupplyVue won European Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2017

SupplyVue won the Technology Prize at the Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2014 by achieving inventory reductions of between 40-60%, customer service improvements and cost reductions.

Gain visibility across the end-to-end supply chain to deliver better service, lower costs and a supply chain that is easier to manage. Visualise and model data to reveal issues and find solutions, select the best course of action, and track delivery. SupplyVue is transforming the way organisations manage their supply chains, improve performance, and gain competitive advantage, everyday.

  • Hosted Solution on a secure cloud based platform with access anywhere via PC, tablet or mobile.
  • Instant Access to your data.
  • Analytical Tools.  Powerful tools provide insight & visualisations to what is actually happening in your supply chain.
  • What if scenario tools demonstrate what your supply chain could look like.

SupplyVue has a powerful suite of analytics tools which enables supply chain fact-based decision making

  • Demand profile analysis
  • Forecast accuracy and process analysis
  • Inventory level analysis
  • Slow moving and obsolete stock analysis
  • Performance monitoring for continual improvement
  • Powerful dashboards

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