How To Transform Your Supply Chain

How To Transform Your Supply Chain

With SupplyVue you can start the transformation of your supply chain in 2-3 months.


Analyitcs driven supply chain transformation

Supply Chain Walk Through – The first step in your supply chain transformation.

In 3-4 weeks a Walk Through of your supply chain will quickly identify supply chain performance and related improvement opportunities.

It is an inclusive process that involves a small team of Enchange consultants working in partnership with your management.  Our ‘working style’ is to openly and constructively challenge processes and working practices.

We will also undertake a deep dive analysis of 6 SKUs in one of your markets by extracting your companies data into SupplyVue.

At the end of the Walk Through, we will present the results and supporting business case for supply chain change.

Implementation (2-3 months) – Your supply chain transformation has started.

In 2-3 months we will implement SupplyVue. Normally, implementation is undertaken in a few selected markets as your supply chain team becomes accustomed with it.

We will help you with all aspects of the implementation including training, stakeholder engagement and project management.

Continuous Improvement – Your supply chain is transformed and will continue to improve.

SupplyVue will allow you to monitor and evaluate your supply chain on a continuous basis. The dashboards and analytics capability will drive further improvement opportunities. You will have at your disposal the data and business case to drive changes in supply chain policy and operations activation.


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