The Enchange Digital Supply Chain Assessment

The Enchange Digital Supply Chain Assessment

We combined our 25 years of supply chain optimisation experience with capabilities of SupplyVue, a powerful supply chain analytical tool developed by our partner Concentra Analytics to help our clients achieve:

  • 40-60% inventory reduction
  • 3-5% manufacturing cost reduction
  • 1-3% materials cost reduction
  • 3-5% logistics cost reduction
  • 20% waste reduction
  • Up to 20% customer service improvement
  • Up to 15% sales uplift

Our digital supply chain assessment will help you to achieve data-driven supply chain decision making

  • To understand the true status of your supply chain performance
  • To generate a common understanding and agreement on why your supply chain is performing at that level
  • To test and simulate alternative approaches and to agree on the preferred approach for the business based on seeing how your supply chain would have performed had those approaches been applied
  • To create and agree a case for the change

To see examples of how clients in various industries have benefited from digital supply chain assessment, read our case studies.

3 Steps to a World Class Digital Supply Chain

Step 1 – Contact Enchange and let us know your main supply chain issues

We will focus on what concerns you the most in your supply chain operations e.g.:

  • How can I improve forecasting accuracy?
  • Are my supply plans synchronised with demand?
  • Do we have the right stock in the right location?

Step 2 – Run the Enchange Digital Supply Chain Assessment

What is involved:

  • We have an initial discussion either face to face or via video conference to better understand your supply chain
  • We  agree the initial area of focus in your business
  • We collect the agreed supply chain data from your organisation
  • We use the groundbreaking tool SupplyVue to analyse your supply chain
  • We present the results back to you

You can learn more about how SupplyVue can help you to transform your supply chain performance here.

Step 3 – Implementation & Digital Supply Chain Transformation

After your Digital Supply Chain Assessment is completed, we will:

  • Jointly agree priorities for the initial implementation programme
  • Jointly agree timings with the aim of delivering benefit within 3 months
  • Set out the path to ongoing digital supply chain transformation with the added benefit to achieve truly data-driven supply chain planning capability in your business.

You can read case study examples of previous Enchange Digital Supply Chain Assessments here.

What you should do now

enchange digial supply chan assessment


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