Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Enchange focuses on providing expert supply chain and change management services to clients in the Financial Institutions sector in order to improve the performance of their investee companies.

For over a decade, our team of world class consultants have assisted major international financial institutions, including the World Bank and EBRD as well as a number of leading international private equity funds and hedge funds in enhancing the structural efficiency and therefore profitability of their investee companies.

By placing consultants in the field to work alongside existing management, Enchange has been able to improve company profitability across all its completed projects by an average of over 400% when compared to the costs of hiring our services. Our hands on management approach, direct impact on company EBITDA and therefore improvement of company enterprise value, are the main reasons cited by our clients when asked why they return repeatedly to Enchange.

Following an initial company review or ‘Walk Through’ our consultants typically agree the main areas for company improvement with its clients before focusing on an undertaking an action plan designed to increase bottom line performance and investee enterprise value. Ongoing performance measurement and performance control form a cornerstone of this work and are exacted by our consultants to world class standards.

In addition to adding value to FI clients’ in their post investment companies, we also provide expert operational and managerial due diligence to clients, prior to company investment. In times of increased business risk or with competing investment opportunities, our consultants are able to assist investors in identifying potential operational pitfalls or areas of potential growth in target companies which might have previously been overlooked.

All engagements with FI clients have a target to improve the enterprise value of their investments. 

Why do clients use Enchange?

  • Execution – we make things happen for clients.
  • Because we improve their bottom line.
  • Return on Investment – ROI of Enchange projects is 100-2000% + with an average of 300-400%.

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