Industries we’ve worked in

Industries we’ve worked in

The past 27 years we’ve been working with many of the world’s leading companies in various industries.

  • In fact, we’ve successfully delivered in excess of 600 supply chain projects for over 100 clients in more than 70 countries. You can see our clients here.
  • Many of these companies were large multinational organisations,  but equally we’ve worked with many smaller players focusing on specific regions or markets.
  • Whatever the type of your business and the size of your market, chances are we have the experience to help improve your supply chain.

See examples of how we helped companies like yours to optimise their supply chain

In all the case studies presented below, you will notice that we are implementers, making things happen for our clients. We ensure  skills transfer enabling sustained performance improvement for our clients after we leave. We built our reputation in the emerging markets of Africa and Central & Eastern Europe but we are now delivering digital supply chain transformation globally.

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Automotive, Industrial & Engineering

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