Supply Chain Analytics, FMCG, Global

Supply Chain Analytics, FMCG, Global

Locations: WE.

Industries: FMCG.

Supply Chain Areas: Supply Chain Analytics.

Project Background

In a team including Enchange consultants, this project launched the Concentra Supply Chain Analytics Tools, now developed into SupplyVue:

  • The Initiative. A leading global FMCG company undertook a supply chain improvements programme across 150 markets. The goal was alignment of operational activities with company strategy.
  • The Problem. The organisation identified KPIs & targets, but a lack of data integrity, accessibility and insightful reporting limited progress. Data was ‘scattered’ across multiple sources including enterprise ERP, market ERP, multiple factory systems and MI systems.  In several markets, the organisation was suffering from volatile and highly variable short-term supply chain plans and an excess of finished goods inventory, despite a stable and predictable market. The ways of working within the supply chain were traditional, with operating practices unchanged for many years.
  • The Solution. Engagement with key stakeholders established the business need and critical success factors for the analysis. A Toolset & suite of SKU-level dashboards was developed, focussing on demand, planning, materials, production & execution. Company data was extracted into the toolset. Monthly reporting revealed inventory reduction opportunities. Operational management had the confidence to drive the required changes.


supply chain transformation process

The Result

  • Improved forecasting.
  • Senior management had tools to set informed policy.
  • Regional planners had tools, for the first time, to perform root cause analysis of supply chain issues.
  • Inventory reduction of 40% in 12 markets, USD 200 million in total. 


SupplyVue Demo

What you should do now

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