Greenfield Factory, FMCG, Kenya

Locations: AME.

Industries: FMCG.

Supply Chain Areas: Make.

Faced with indifferent factory and supply chain performance, Enchange was invited to advise upon re-engineering factory operations for this $140m FMCG multinational in Kenya. The project was a ‘Greenfield’ approach involving redesign of operating procedures and plant layout, building in quality and planned maintenance to working practices.

The programme included:

  • Training programme for Technical Operators & Team Leaders (Supervisor).
  • New operating procedures & plant layout.
  • ‘Performance Improvement Kit’ for Technical Operators.
  • New organisation structure and work patterns.
  • Assessment & selection process including a Competency Matrix.
  • ‘Performance Calculator’ to measure team and line performance.
  • HR support mechanisms including remuneration linked to team performance

greenfield factory KenyaResults at the end of Year 1

  • Efficiency increase from 50 to 70%.
  • Output increase of 29%; stock that was in short supply had become available.
  • Bottom line improvement of $2.3m appx. per annum.
  • Significant improvements in quality & housekeeping.


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