The Enchange way of working

The Enchange way of working

You will find this helpful if you are looking for flexible on-site or remote  support to your Route to Market (RtM) and supply chain projects or operations.

As Route to Market (RtM) and supply chain consultants we have been helping clients by providing on-site and remote support for over 27 years. Chances are we have an RtM or supply chain expert located near you ready to support you either on-site or remotely. We are known for:

  • Our RtM and supply chain expertise
  • Ability to mobilise with short notice
  • Availability in challenging markets globally

Connect with the experts in providing remote support.

Since the early 1990’s, when Enchange began operations in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, we have been dealing with monumental global challenges.  No matter the events, we have relentlessly focused on delivering to our clients and aimed to keep on-going projects live.

Remote work is embedded in our business model, we have perfected its use as technology evolved. See examples of our projects here.

Recently, we have taken our remote project support a step further.

We are able to provide remote practical operational support (e.g. RtM and supply chain business continuity planning and execution, Distributor onboarding, Chemicals raw material sourcing to name a couple of live examples),  so your operations can be secured even at the most challenging times.

How can Remote Operational Support make a difference?

Work must carry on when unusual or unexpected events happen, for example when:

  • Someone with a key operational role in your organisation (i.e. Supply Chain Manager /Demand Planner) falls ill and cannot perform the job.  The tasks of this key role must still be completed, we can provide an individual with the right skills to fill the gap, remotely at very short notice.
  • Travel restrictions could prevent key resources of your organisation to travel.  Key projects still need to be managed and commercial change still needs to be delivered.  We can support you remotely (or provide a local expert to step in).
  • Certain markets may pose a security risk for travel.  We can help, engage, train, drive projects and deliver for our clients remotely.
  • Sometimes a key individual leaves with little notice. While you are looking for the right person to take over the role, we can offer remote support at very short notice to fill your resource gap.

How does Remote Operational Support work?

  • For supply chain this can, for example, be based around clients’ current operating model (e.g. monthly S&OP cycle, weekly Operation Control Cycle). Some examples of this include Forecasting, Production Planning, Production Scheduling, Procurement.
  • For RtM, we can remotely provide RtM or Sales Operational Management, RtM Training, Distribution and Logistics Management, RtM Project Management, Sales & Distribution Route Optimisation, to name a few. Read more on our 20 Steps to RtM Excellence methodology here.
  • IT Systems.  For such specific operational support roles we often ask that our team is given access to Clients’ systems.
  • Mobilisation. We are used to acting and starting client engagements quickly. We usually ask for 2-3 weeks’ notice for an engagement. In certain cases we can be up and running within a week.

What you should do now

  • If you are looking to keep your RtM and supply chain project or day to day operation on track contact us for an initial consultation to discuss how our remote support can benefit your business.
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  • Learn more about our services and see how we can help you to transform your RtM and supply chain, click here
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