About us

About us

Digital Supply Chain Consultancy

We are an international supply chain consultancy firm founded in 1993. In the past 25 years we have been working with many of the words leading businesses in a number of industries, enabling sustainable supply chain change.

  • We are implementers, making things happen for our clients.
  • We ensure skills transfer enabling sustained performance improvement for our clients after we leave.
  • We built our reputation in the emerging market of Africa and Central & Eastern Europe but we are now delivering digital supply chain transformation globally.

Our Success In Numbers

Working with many of the world’s leading multinational organisations, Enchange has successfully delivered in excess of 600 supply chain projects for over 100 clients in more than 70 countries.



How We Work

  • Enchange support: consultancy, expert resource, interim management, project management.
  • Enchange role: facilitation, training, ‘hands-on’ and practical approach by a team of experienced consultants … making things happen.

Using a number of proven supply chain methodologies, best practice solutions and pragmatic tools, Enchange delivers effective supply chain solutions that produce lasting gains in profitability. With often dramatic improvements in bottom line performance Enchange projects typically deliver a Return on Investment (ROI) of 300 – 400%.

Our Services cover every aspect of supply chain management with many market and regional specialists being available to clients who require expertise in specific areas. Visit our Supply Chain Talent Hub.


Enchange has worked in a number of markets throughout the world. Our geographic focus has been: Case Studies Supply Chain Transformation

  • Europe including Central and Eastern Europe
  • Africa
  • Middle East

We add value through combining our depth of supply chain knowledge within the sector with the client’s organisational expertise to turn strategies into actions.

Our Consultants

The Enchange team includes some of the leading supply chain, logistics, route to market / distribution and IT professionals, who:

  • Understand the critical success factors of supply chain management.CTA-Apply-AboutUs
  • Have the skills to ensure supply chain tools are optimised to deliver high performance.
  • Are results-oriented, not report writers and solutions are based on tangible improvement in processes and procedures.
  • Work closely with client managers in a process anchored by an emphasis on coaching and implementation.
  • Have lived and worked in these markets for many years.
  • Possess abilities of thoughtfulness and perception for each locations’ particular requirements.

Enchange has proven time and time again, that it is able to send the right consultant, often at short notice, to areas that pose logistical problems or even political instability. We understand the intricacies that characterise these markets, the working environments, their dynamics and constraints.

Enchange is a creative company, continually learning with an imagination associated with youth and the wisdom and experience associated with maturity. We promise to be true to our purpose, operate with integrity and to generate our actions in service to our clients.