S&OP and Supply Chain IT Project Manager, based Turkey

Summary of Expertise Candidate is an S&OP and Supply Chain IT Subject Matter Expert, with over 20 years of management and supply chain consulting experience in Turkey, Europe, the Middle East & Africa.  He has a broad range of sector experience that includes FMCG, retail, financial institutions, telecommunications and technology, including with multinational clients. He […]

Regional S&OP Programme, FMCG, Africa & Middle East

Project Background As part of a global process convergence initiative, Enchange was selected to design & support implementation. Enchange designed a simple, robust & standardised set of S&OP & related processes & procedures. The programme was rolled out in over 30 Operating Companies. In addition regional supporting S&OP processes were designed and implemented. Results   […]

S&OP, FMCG Manufacturer, Africa

Project Background Enchange conducted a walk through assessment during the first stage of the project that revealed a dysfunctional supply chain, sub-optimal IT system utilisation and poor cross-functional supply chain knowledge. Stock outs for some SKUs and over-stocking on others were causing lost sales and a significant drain on financial resources. Working with an internal […]

S&OP Programme, Pan Africa, Mobile Telecommunications

Project Background Enchange was selected to design & implement a Sales & Operational Planning (S&OP) Programme in Africa for this multinational Mobile Telecoms provider. Enchange designed a simple, standardised, set of S&OP & related processes. The programme was piloted in Congo Brazzaville & rolled out throughout Africa. The project also delivered a suite of IT […]

Supply Chain & S&OP Re-engineering, FMCG, Nigeria

Project Background A multinational FMCG organisation (turnover $110m) was experiencing significant growth whilst also facing new aggressive competition. Supply chain operations were considered to be outdated and in need of overhaul to support the new business environment. Enchange was invited to lead this change. An initial ‘Walk Through’ Assessment identified the following: Dysfunctional supply chain […]