Our service focus is supply chain. Our purpose is to help clients to implement real and lasting Case Studies Supply Chain Transformationimprovements in their supply chain performance. We have successfully completed hundreds of supply chain projects, many of which have been large scale, multi-site programmes.

Enchange implements world class supply chain solutions on a process specific or cross enterprise basis. On cross enterprise projects Enchange offers multinational clients an integrated approach to supply chain excellence that includes process (including above market planning), IT (e.g. ERP – SAP/APO), people, organisation and metrics. We also provide interim management and expert resources.

The Enchange role is usually one of expert resource in a facilitating and coaching capacity. Our approach is ‘hands-on’ and practical, implementing speedy and sustainable supply chain change for clients.

Supply Chain Analytics

Managing highly complex supply chain operations is a real challenge. To protect themselves, supply chain managers are buffering supply chains with inventory and lead-times. The real issue has become the need for supply chain managers to understand and manage this complexity but they lack the tools to do so ….

… until now. Our Supply Chain Analytical solution enables supply chain decision makers to visualise and manage the performance of their end-to-end supply chain. SupplyVue enables:

  • Route cause analysis – e.g. for inventory optimisation
  • Supply chain modelling to test & deliver improved performance
  • State of the art dashboards to monitor performance

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Supply Chain Transformation

Enchange has played a leading role in managing complex change that has delivered sustained supply chain improvement and bottom line savings, often totalling millions of Euros. We optimise processes and supporting IT tools to best practice standards. We partner with and train client teams to achieve sustained performance improvement. Processes include:

  • S&OP
  • Forecasting
  • MRP
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Production Planning,
  • Inventory Optimisation
  • DRP
  • Logistics
  • Distribution Integration
  • Order to cash

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Route to Market and Distribution

A major challenge for organisations, especially in the emerging markets in Africa, for example, is getting product to market in a timely and cost effective manner. This always results in lower sales than would otherwise be the case.

Our experience in these markets is that companies often lack effective execution even if they have a well-defined strategy (which many don’t).

Enchange has pioneered a route to market (RTM) programme that enables companies to analyse and benchmark their current RTM performance and implement effective RTM solutions. These solutions deliver maximum distributor performance without the cost of maintaining own direct distribution.

For our clients, this always delivers a sales uplift, of at least 10% and often much more.

  • Methodology and tools pioneered by Enchange
  • Transformed performance of producer distributors
  • Consistently delivered significant, sustainable sales uplifts

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